Quick overview of our quests and why they are awesome!

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If you ever faced the dilemma of figuring out what the heck to do for for your kid’s Birthday, you know the struggle is real. By the time kids turn 8 or 9 years old, they have done it all! Bouncy house – lame, go karting – expensive, bowling – lame and expensive. 
This is the exact dilemma I faced every year and this is exactly how I got a crazy thought, “Why isn’t there a game that I can rent, have the kids play it, and send it back?”. And that’s how Got a Quest was born. 
Just imagine, you get a box with amazing high-tech puzzles, witty puzzles and clues, augmented reality characters, cool videos, storylines and grand finale. 
All you have to do is just take everything out, watch a quick instructional video, put things around your house and turn on the intro video. That’s it. The game is designed to take the kids through the story, engage them with fun, but educational and challenging puzzles, and have all the kids work together in a team! 
Your job is to take pictures, listen to kids’ delighted squeals, and boast about how cool of a parent you are after the party! 
We keep testing and tweaking our quests until we know the flow works perfectly, the puzzles are just right, and the kids get maximum fun out of the games. 
Our mission is to help parents actually look forward to their kids’ parties, not dread them.
Our mission is to help parents host amazing birthday parties for their kids with our turnkey quests. Our quests are extremely easy to set up and require no special skills to organize a memorable adventure. 

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About our quests

Quick overview of our quests and why they are awesome!

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