Let's begin your Quest Master initiation!

Here you can find all the information you need to successfully set up and run Secret of Pamola

Game Setup

Search on YouTube “Secret of Pamola Detective Briggs”. Set the video ready to play from the beginning.

It would be best to play the video on a large screen, such as a TV screen or computer monitor, so all players can see it

Install Got a Quest AR app from Apple App store or Google Play store

After the app is downloaded, open the app and ALLOW for the camera to be used

For Apple version, SKIP “image download”

Check that the volume is up and the phone is NOT on mute or vibrate mode

Turn on the PEDESTAL puzzle with the MASTER KEY, set it on the table

Set the CONFIDENTIAL file next to the pedestal

Got a Quest Secret of Pamola pedestal and confidential file setup instructions
Got a Quest CLOCK puzzle and cryptex setup instructions

Turn on the CLOCK puzzle

Put it FACE DOWN in a brown bag

Put the CRYPTEX in the same brown bag

Hide the bag in the room

You don’t need to hide the bag very well, just enough so it’s out of sight. Behind curtains, in the corner, by the couch works well

Tape the 4 INDIAN BOOK posters on the walls

Tape the 3 ABSTRACT posters on the walls

You can tape posters on the walls, fridge, cabinets. But NOT windows

Make sure posters are securely taped

Got a Quest posters setup instructions

Hide the WHITE BOOK and the BLACK BOOK very well in the room in 2 different locations

Places like cabinets or behind the couch work very well

Place the PEANUT BUTTER jar somewhere in the room, no need to hide it

Set the CLEAR BOARD with Detective’s notes somewhere in the room, no need to hide it

Great job!
You've set everything at the museum!

Now, let's move onto ROOM 2, the Thief's Apartment

Turn on the INTERCOM puzzle and put it on a chair in front of the room

Set the DIRECTIONS SHEET next to it

It’s best to have the second room with a door

Got a Quest Secret of Pamola Intercom puzzle setup instructions

The sequence of steps is important

  1. Unfold the TRIPOD
  2. Put the SECURITY puzzle on the tripod
  3. Stick the BULB segment on the screw on the back side of the SECURITY puzzle
  4. Turn on the SECURITY puzzle
  5. Make sure the the SECURITY puzzle BLINKS

If the puzzle doesn’t blink, turn if off and on again

Set the tripod next to a wall, so the kids don’t get behind it

Turn on the CHEST puzzle. No need to hide it.

Hide the WATER DROP next to a water source. Under the sink in the bathroom, under a rug, under the sink in the kitchen work well 

Hide the T-SHIRT segment in a green t-shirt and set the t-shirt somewhere in the room, no need to hide it

Give the HEART segment to someone a birthday kid loves. Ask them to hold on to it (it can also be you).

Got a Quest Secret of Pamola noise puzzle setup instructions
Turn on the NOISE puzzle, set it somewhere in the room, no need to hide it
Close the door and tape CAUTION TAPE on the door of the THIEF’S APARTMENT.
It’s off limits until the kids enter it during the game.

You are DONE with the SETUP!

That's how insanely easy it is! We can also send you the info on how the game runs (can't post all the spoilers here).