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About Us

Let's dive into our adventure

April 2018:
Got a Quest was born

It all started on April 1st, 2018
I was going down the rabbit hole of Pinterest in search of entertainment ideas for my daughter’s upcoming birthday party. She was turning 9 and has seen it all. 
It always seemed so apparent to me that older kids are borderline bored at birthday parties because most activities are individual.  “That’s not how parties are supposed to be!”, I thought. They should be fun, exciting, and engaging. Not stressful, boring, or like a chore.
So, I set on a quest to abolish boring parties!
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May 2018:
Secret of Pamola was created

In May 2018, we developed our first game – Secret of Pamola. It’s an exciting detective story where kids find out that a national treasure was stolen and get to figure out who is the thief and find the treasure. 

We filmed several interviews with actors for the game and the intro video

June 2018: Interactive AR characters

We created an Augmented Reality experience with animated characters

July 2018: Prototyping and testing

We developed our first prototype of the game and started intensely testing everything by going to over 100 Birthday parties.

April 2019: Manufacturing and more testing

We developed designs and prototypes for productions and are now finally manufacturing our games!

September 2019: Secret of Pamola available for rent

We are planning to launch Secret of Pamola in September 2019 and are offering amazing promotions to our first 50 customers! Don’t pass it up and sign up for our updates: 

Our Team

Liliya Figotin
Founder and CEO
Evgeniy Shaposhnikov
Advisor with head full of amazing ideas 
CEO of Encounter

Team of animators, 3D designers, industrial and mechanical designers, electrical engineers, manufacturing advisors , and many more amazing people who are helping bring our quests to life!