Quest games for kids

Totally NEW entertainment for kids' parties!

Introducing an online quest game for kids to have a great time TOGETHER
Even if not in the same room

Cryptic Robbers

A fun online quest that kids (8-13 years old) can play online!
Great way to celebrate a Birthday or to have a fun playdate

Let the kids experience true excitement

1-hour adventures delivered to your home

Only 15 minutes to set up everything

Set up, let the kids lead the game

1. We ship the quest to you.

2. You quickly set it up in the comfort of your home.

3. After the party, ship the quest back. Shipping is FREE both ways.

Guaranteed excitement, bonding, smart fun!

Portable quests

We perfected this quest to make it as exciting, engaging and easy to run as possible

secret of pamola icons


Oh, NO! National treasure was stolen! And only the best detectives can solve the mystery.
The detectives will work in a team to uncover secret clues, find hidden puzzles, and complete challenges to find the stolen treasure and even win awesome prizes in the end!

The game includes:
Fascinating intro video to introduce the mission
Augmented Reality application with animated 3D characters
Engaging high-tech puzzles and challenges
Posters with hidden clues
10 prizes